Sharknado 1-4 Box Set [DVD] [UK Import]

Faced with the most unnatural of storms and repeatedly battered by airborne sharks, over and over, in all 4 sensational movies, Fin and April Shepard have survived surrounding bloodbaths, bites and beheadings from the greatest of maelstroms the Sharknado! From New York to Washington, and Florida to Las Vegas, armed with his chainsaw, explosives and guns, the duo have to save the world not once, not twice, but four times from the ferocious sharks raining from the sky… With a star-studded cast across the entire series featuring, David The Hoff Hasselhoff, Jedward, George R. R. Martin, Jerry Springer and Patti Stanger, this is one serial splatter-fest to be experienced in all its gory glory! Relive the global cult sensation and social