Miranda Complete Collection [DVD] [UK Import]

Every single episode from the first to third series and then the Finale of the BBC sitcom starring Miranda Hart. After a public school education, socially inept Miranda (Hart) is having trouble fitting in with her peer group, especially her childhood nemesis, Tilly (Sally Phillips). To top it all, Miranda constantly finds herself in awkward situations around men, and in particular, ex-university chum Gary (Tom Ellis). The cast also features Patricia Hodge and Sarah Hadland. The episodes from Series 1 are: ‚Date‘, ‚Teacher‘, ‚Job‘, ‚Holiday‘, ‚Excuse‘ and ‚Dog‘. The episodes from Series 2 are: ‚The New Me‘, ‚Before I Die‘, ‚Let’s Do It‘, ‚A New Low‘, ‚Just Act Normal‘ and ‚The Perfect Christmas‘. The episodes from Series 3 are: ‚It Was